Wedding planning can be exciting and a great time for couples to bond and learn more about each other. It can also be incredibly stressful because of the financial burden. Not to mention, trying to agree on all the small details! More couples are going with a small simple wedding because they’re able to narrow down their budget and focus on the personal details that are important to them rather than pleasing a roomful of guests.

Simple weddings can range from eloping at a destination location to choosing an intimate local venue where the couple can conduct the ceremony privately. Gone are the stereotypes of Vegas and a quick getaway. A small simple wedding still requires planning, but couples are able to minimize extravagant details and instead enjoy and remember the simple moments. Smaller weddings can have just as much of an impact as a large celebration. By cutting away the extra stress, the couple is left with what matters most to them.


Money Better Spent Elsewhere

Young couples are entering the adult world in record-breaking debt. Student loans, mortgages, rent and other expenses quickly cut into travel budgets and other long-term goals. By forgoing a large, expensive wedding ceremony iVisit Siten favor of a small simple wedding, couples are able to allocate their money to other priorities. Perhaps they refocus that money into planning a honeymoon or having an extended travel holiday after the wedding. Some will use the money to put towards a down payment on a house. For many couples, smart saving and investments will yield a lot more reward than large expenses for one event.

Breaking Traditions

Older wedding traditions like engagement parties, showers, and bachelor/bachelorette events aren’t as big of a deal as they once were. Now more than ever, couples are moving in together before marriage, many before engagement. This break in tradition also alters traditions of these pre-wedding ceremonies. Couples no longer need to register for as many houseware items because they already have it all. More people are relocating for work and opportunity and are farther away from those who would attend these events. Once some of these traditions start to go, the traditions that center around the wedding day also seem less binding and influential.


Focusing on the Small Moments

Big weddings mean longer “to do” lists leading up to the big event. Florists, photographers, videographers, caterers, wedding planners and more all require separate budgets and planning periods. Some couples skip the professionals and attempt to DIY their wedding details, which adds even more time and most of the time, stress. When couples choose a small simple wedding, they’re able to focus less on the “stuff” and more on the moments.


Trying to Please Everyone

Pinterest is still huge, and we all think we are DIY masters. Couples are taking on everything from save-the-dates to centerpieces. A lot of these projects look great but largely go unnoticed by guests. For a small, simple wedding, the couple is front and center. It’s about the celebration and the love first and foremost. Guest favors and itineraries are a nice touch, but couples should keep in mind that in trying to make things easier for their guests, they may actually be doing the opposite. At the end of the day, the wedding should showcase the love between the two people getting married, not all of the craft projects, favors, and extras that won’t matter once the day is over.

Combining the Wedding and the Honeymoon

Simple weddings take a minimalist approach in the details. Rather than having a rehearsal dinner, pre-ceremony festivities, the actual ceremony, and a reception, small weddings are focused just on the main event. Some couples might choose to have their ceremony at a location that’s significant to them and after the ceremony concludes, they’ll also enjoy their honeymoon in the same location. This is more cost efficient and allows them to enjoy the moment. They can share the important moments with loved ones, but also reserve time at their desired location for themselves to celebrate the unity.

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