Simple. Private. Unfussy. If you’re considering a courthouse wedding, these are probably some words you’re feeling particularly drawn to. Maybe you feel overwhelmed or put off by the idea of a big, blown-out wedding. As a society, we sometimes forget that a traditional fairy tale wedding is NOT everyone’s idea of a good time… for many different reasons. It’s unfortunate that the wedding industry doesn’t do a better job of recognizing that there are many different event styles, not just the expensive Cinderella-inspired wedding everyone immediately thinks of.

You might have settled on a courthouse wedding because you think it’s the only way to stay within a budget or hold true to your values. However, there are other options out there that you may want to mull over before locking in your decision. For example, have you thought about an intimate garden wedding?

A Courthouse Wedding Alternative to Consider

If you’ve been torn on whether you should get married at the courthouse or bite the bullet and have a more traditional wedding, the perfect option for you might be a small garden wedding. When you go this route, you still get to enjoy the straightforwardness of a courthouse wedding, but you will be able to entertain a handful of guests in a beautiful setting and inject a little of your personality and style into your wedding day!

Big Day, Small Budget

If you’re already worried about how much this is all going to cost, don’t be. An intimate garden wedding doesn’t cost as much as you think because you have very few guests and everything is held in one location. There are no travel or additional rental fees involved. To keep costs low, you can choose to have appetizers or finger food rather than a full meal, and you can bring coolers full of beverages from Costco or Sam’s Club. Another inexpensive option is a potluck-style meal. This is a great because you’ll only have to worry about providing a few things, and everyone will have a chance to share their favorite foods and bond over the meal.

A garden setting is perfect for keeping things simple. There’s no need for an expensive gown or lots of pricey flowers, because you’ll be surrounded by the gorgeous backdrop mother nature provides (including native wildflowers and cascading waterfalls). At our venue, most of our wedding and elopement packages include everything you need for your special day, so keeping costs within a strict budget is just as easy as if you were to have a courthouse wedding and throw a small party or host a nice dinner afterward.

Surround Yourself in Love

When you get married at the courthouse, it’s an intimate moment shared by the people who matter most: you, your fiancé, and a few of the people closest to you. This is why some people are drawn to the idea of a courthouse wedding. After all, marriage is between two people… not two people and hundreds of their friends and family members. It just feels more natural to celebrate the love you have for your partner without your second cousin or roommate from college being there.

An intimate garden wedding is ideal for this kind of celebration. For example, at our small venue, we can accommodate up to 30 guests. This means only the people closest to you will be in attendance. Your attention will be on your partner and the small group of people you’ve chosen to help you celebrate. Just remember, small weddings don’t have to take place in a courthouse if that’s not something you feel a particular connection to. They can still be beautiful, full of love, and manageable — both financially and emotionally.

Stay True to You

Your values are your own, and you should never feel like you’re living someone else’s wedding dreams. It can be easy to get swept up in all the things you “should” have at your wedding, but ultimately, it’s your day and it should represent you and your partner first and foremost.

There’s nothing wrong with a courthouse wedding, but there’s also nothing wrong with a backyard wedding, an elopement, or an intimate garden wedding, either. Be sure to explore all your options and consider all of the add-ons that you’ll need to coordinate if you plan to throw a party. You might just find that an all-inclusive package is a better value, and so much easier to plan.

Want to Learn More?

We’re more than happy to tell you more about Burruss Mill Falls and our intimate wedding venue! Feel free to contact us, and we can schedule a time for you to come visit our garden. It’s the first step to planning your perfect wedding day celebration.