Back in the day, if someone said they were planning on eloping, it almost always meant they were going to hop on a plane to Vegas and get hitched at one of those small (and often kitschy) wedding chapels. While it was surely an exciting adventure, it hardly ever seemed like a meaningful experience or a very fulfilling one at the end of the day.

If you’re someone who never really connected emotionally with the idea of a big wedding with lots of guests… but feel like you need something more than a “quickie” ceremony at a hokey themed chapel or your local courthouse, you’re in luck. There’s a huge elopement wedding trend happening right now and we’re all for it. You don’t have to sacrifice anything to get the wedding of your dreams, and you can still include the people who are most important to you on your special day.

What a Modern Elopement Wedding Looks Like

Couples are eloping to destinations both near and far… not just Las Vegas. If you love the beach, you can head somewhere tropical, or you can pick a spot in the mountains, the snowy north or the lush, green south.

The events are being planned ahead (rather than happening spur-of-the-moment), and couples often still have a guest list, photographer, officiant, and florist. The main difference between a traditional wedding and an elopement is the quick turnaround, the location, the budget, and the formality of the event. Let’s look at what an elopement is (and is not) a little more closely.


Benefit #1 – A No-Fuss Event

The biggest reason couples choose to elope is to avoid the more traditional wedding event, which can often get expensive and overwhelming! Sometimes, there are family dynamics that couples want to avoid, for instance, parents that can’t get along or drama-prone relatives. Choosing to invite only a few select people eliminates the need to do that tightrope-walk that comes with having lots of big personalities in the same place at the same time.

Some brides (and grooms) love the “over-the-topness” that can come with a huge wedding, but there are plenty that would rather just elope and skip the fuss altogether. If you’re in the latter group, please know there’s nothing wrong with you or your small wedding dreams! The most important thing is that you’re listening to your heart and not letting anyone talk you into something that isn’t comfortable for you and your future spouse.


Benefit #2 – A Comfortable Budget

Weddings can be expensive. If you think spending as much on your wedding as you would a new car or an impressive down payment on a home is a little bit crazy, you’re probably drawn to the idea of a small, intimate event or an elopement wedding. For a very reasonable price, you can get everything you need to throw a small – but wonderful – wedding event.

Benefit #3 – Sense of Control

If you’ve ever watched “Say Yes to the Dress” you know how often family members and friends want to control what the bride ends up choosing for her wedding… and we’re not just talking about the dress! Everyone has an opinion, and they’ll be quick to let you know when they don’t agree with a choice you’ve made. If the thought of dealing with everyone’s input makes you want to run screaming in the opposite direction, an elopement wedding is probably something you want to consider.

You can still invite the people you love, but it will be clear that you’re doing things your way. You don’t have to tell them about the event until right before, which may allow you to sidestep the issue altogether. However, if someone does say something (there’s always one person who just can’t help themselves), just shrug it off and feel great knowing you stuck to your vision and your preferences.

Benefit #4 – The Etiquette of the Guest List

When a couple elopes, sometimes they don’t tell anyone…  not even their parents. This can lead to hurt feelings and disappointment. Even if you’re planning to have a party afterwards, you may feel like something is missed when you don’t have the people closest to you by your side during your vows.

If you’re feeling like planning a wedding is just too much work and you’d rather rush off to Vegas, why not consider a middle-of-the-road option, like a guest list of 20-30 people instead of 200-300? If you’re really concerned about offending someone, you can always throw an informal party later, but ultimately, it’s your day and you really don’t need to explain your choices to anyone.

Convinced an Elopement Wedding is Right for You?

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