Historic Wedding Venues in North Georgia

Wedding venues these days run the gamut from glitzy ballrooms to rustic barns. No matter what kind of vibe you want to have for your wedding celebration, you’ll have many different options to choose from. However, if you’re looking for something that’s a little more than just four walls and a dance floor, we think historic wedding venues are always a great choice.

When you choose a location with a bit of history, your wedding will become part of the collective story of the venue. There’s just something extra special about the fact that people were making memories there long before you stepped foot on the historic grounds. Let’s go over some of the reasons we believe historic wedding venues are in a class of their own!


They Just Get Better With Time

There are people that are drawn to brand new wedding venues. They love the shininess, the glitz, the cutting-edge design. However, have you noticed that many new things are being designed to look… old? If you like the look of vintage, you’re much better off going with something that’s actually vintage. Historic wedding venues get better with time, and this statement couldn’t be more true in the south. Down here, we take such care in lovingly restoring and preserving our historic venues, you just can’t find anything like them anywhere else. There isn’t a new venue out there that can match the charm and rich history of our southern historic wedding venues.

Honor Your Historic Occasion

It’s easy to think that your wedding is just one among the many thousands that are happening every single day in this country (nearly 6,200 to be exact), but maybe you should be looking at it differently. Have you ever sat down and looked at your family tree? Each marriage that has taken place in the history of your family has been a monumental occasion. It has led to new branches on the tree, and yours is no different. We love when couples consider historic wedding venues for their big day because it honors how truly rare and special the occasion is for their family. It isn’t just another wedding.


All The Vintage Vibes

If you spend any time on Pinterest, you’ll see that vintage is still “the look” when it comes to wedding day style. Historic wedding venues are so much more natural and fitting for this theme than a modern venue that you have to work hard to transform into something that looks vintage. If you’re an old soul that loves the classic romance of a timeless wedding, you should definitely consider historic wedding venues for your vintage celebration. It’s a no-brainer!


You Can Always Come Back

The thing about historic wedding venues is, they’re much more likely to be here in 10, 20, 50 years when you want to revisit that monumental day in your life. They’re also much more likely to look exactly the same as the day you said your vows. When you get married in a hotel ballroom or another modern venue, you run the risk of the building getting sold or remodeled. There’s no one working to preserve the venue, because to them, it’s just about keeping it looking updated. Historic wedding venues are used for one purpose, and the primary concern for the owners is to keep it exactly the way it is. This means you can come back any time and create even more wonderful memories as the years go on.


Burruss Mill Falls, located just outside of Atlanta, should be at the top of your list of historic wedding venues. Our historic “saltbox” style grist mill offers a charmingly rustic backdrop and the cascading waterfalls on our 43-acre property transform your big day into a fairy tale. We offer everything you need and we take all of the stress out of planning your celebration. In a venue as calm and serene as ours, you will feel completely at peace. View our wedding packages to find one that works best for you and please, contact us if you have any questions or if you’re ready to reserve your date!